03/05/2018 - 14:50

Life by Insign Empowerment and Entertainment at the heart of your strategies

«It is no longer about products and services. Nor the brand experience. Individuals now expect much more from brands, a positive impact on their lives. Embrace life, empower your audiences.»

Insign, a creative and strategic communication agencyheadquartered  in Paris, leader in Business Hacking®, is announcing the launch of “life”, an innovative service for the Consumer, Lifestyle and Luxury brands delivering creative personal and non-invasive solutions.

From start-ups to multinationals, today’s brands are faced with an increasingly complex operational environment, one populated with consumers who aren’t easily pigeonholed and that can have radical effects on their growth strategies. life is designed to help brands make their customers’ lives a better place, to empower them for a lasting consumer/brand relationship.


The result? Guaranteed long-term growth and impact for your business.

life is based on five observations that impact on companies’ long term growth:

  • The challenges posed by multiculturalism and new ethical standards
  • The revolution in on and offline consumer habits and practices
  • The new implications of time and space, partly resulting from technological innovation
  • The first negative consequences of digitalization, the world of excess consumption and information overload, the need for a regulatory framework
  • The new global interconnectedness in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) environment that demands agile leadership.

Today, people expect a brand to have a positive impact on their lives. Brands need to be an original,  tailor-made and human-centered experience but also a source of information  that is sensible and transparent. Brands need to develop conscious strategic and creative solution related to their environment and ethics.

More than engaging them, entertaining them, the aim is to empower them delivering a rewarding experience that comes with a positive perception of themselves, and therefore the brand, now and as time goes by. From story making to story living, the emotional factor is back as a vector of success, on and offline.

“As people are constantly “on” and “off”, we think 365: we seek to understand them throughout the 365 days of the year. We track their life's cycles to be the closest to your audiences. We anticipate who and with who they are, in which state of mind they are, how they feel, on which street they walk, which device they use, when & where, 365 days of the year. From this knowledge, we build your brand or project development calendar on your audience life’s cycle. We deliver strategic and creative solutions no longer personalized, but rather personal and non-invasive. It gives meaning to your message, forges emotional connections and a lasting consumer/brand relationship, one that has a higher impact and secures the company’s long term growth.” Nathalie Noulhiane – Insign life MD.


life harnesses and combines the following areas of expertise for a unique emotional journey:

  • Ux (User experience) to Ue (User empowerment)
  • Special projects and launches
  • Neuro-immersion
  • “Smart Phygital” retail experience and emotional journey design
  • Design of “global to local to you” experiences and insights into multicultural challenges
  • “New Media Art  Communications” incl. exhibitions, installations, and performances
  • Entertainment and other immersive experiences (music, sports & gaming)
  • Sponsorships, partnerships & patronage


Spearheading this new service is Nathalie Noulhiane:

With a Social & Economic Sciences and Art History & Cultural Mediation background, Nathalie boasts an international career (London, Hong Kong, Santiago de Chile) in which she has managed key accounts (brands belonging to groups like Mars, Bayer or L’Oréal Luxe...), as well as combining Arts and technology as part of special projects for institutions, museums, and luxury lifestyle brands, finding innovative solutions to cultural and interpersonal challenges.


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